Crux questions

Many of us get little time to properly consider Jesus’ claims, so we’ve designed this page to enable you to do just that.

Its purpose is to deal at an intermediate level with key questions put to Christianity.

For an initial treatment see the other links on the right hand sidebar here >>

To consider things further off-line, we recommend you read through Luke’s gospel and then the rest of the New Testament in the New International Version of The Bible. The book Simply Christianity also provides a very helpful and accessible introduction to the Christian faith.

Perhaps the best way to look into Christianity however, is to sign up to a Christianity Explored Course at a church near you. A list of churches running this internationally renowned course can be found at this link.


Misconceptions about Christianity
Brief answers to tough questions
What is your Worldview?

Top Questions
Is there any absolute truth?
Does science discount faith?
Can we know if there is a God?
Are all beliefs equally valid?
How could God allow suffering?

About Jesus
Are the gospels reliable?
Can we know who Jesus truly was?
Did Jesus really rise from the dead?