Preparing for marriage

Spend some time thinking about the nature of marriage as background. If you could take 30 minutes out to list down some answers to the following, that would be great :
  1. From Gen 1:26-31 What are the purposes of marriage?
  2. From Gen 2:18-24 What is the nature of marriage?
  3. From Gen 3:1-24 What are the problems that face marriage?
Also, in terms of role issues, the following are helpful. I do not agree with everything, but they will certainly stimulate your thinking and help you clarify any questions :

1) A chapter from the book ‘Biblical womanhood and manhood’ (which is all on-line).

2) Answers to common questions by those involved in the writing of the book.

3) A chapter from John Piper’s book ‘Desiring God.’ Try and answer the following question as you read : How practically should we develop joy in our marriage?

4) This is a modernised version of a section from Richard Baxter’s (a 17th century pastor) writings. Some of it will make your smile, but it is well worth serious reflection.