Suggested communion service order

(always subject to leader’s discretion)
·       Welcome
·       Lord’s Prayer
·       Opening praise and prayer (confession might be included here)

·       Song that engages kids
·       Kids thought and verse
·       Prayer for younger kids (confession might precede this)

·       Folk chat as kids leave
·       Notices with leader praying for any key ones
·       Intercessions beginning with verses from a psalm

·       A few words or relevant verse to focus this section
·       Song
·       Song
·       Open response

·       Pray for adults and older kids as they come to the word
·       Older kids leave
·       OT and NT Readings
  • Talk
  • Prayer application of talk (confession might come here)
  • Song in response to the word

  • Introduction to communion
  • Creed
  • Acclamation from Revelation (could be sung)
  • Words of institution
  • Prayer of thanksgiving (ideally confession included in this)
  • Exhortation
  • Communion is received
  • Song of thanks for the cross or commitment to serve in the light of it

  • Closing prayer of commitment, blessing or doxology
  • Opportunity to receive prayer and enjoy refreshments