The two year Bible reading program

Those who try Bible reading programs, tend to come across the same three problems: (1) There is too much to read each day. (2) It can feel rather dull. (3) It can be hard to know what to take away.

I have sought to address this as follows:

(1) The plan spans two years with catchup every weekend to make it more manageable.

(2) To maintain a freshness, each day includes some wisdom to chew on - just one or two Proverbs, and some understanding to grow in - the day's main passage working through the books of the Bible as below. It concludes with some devotion to offer up - a few verses from the Psalms, ideally to be spoken out loud to ensure the Lord is actually related to through his word.

(3) To aid learning, the major passage each day is accompanied by a paragraph from me giving a sense of what the passage is about and something to look out for as you read.

In order to be fully immersed in Bible books I have not split them, but work through them in entirety before moving to the next one. However, the plan alternates between the Old and New Testaments in order to ensure variety and maintain our focus on Christ as the goal of everything in the Bible. The Bible books are also arranged in a way that maintains the chronology. The only exception is with the Proverbs and Psalms which we will work through day by day.

You can start the plan at the beginning of a year or at any time, working through it at your own pace. Each reading takes around ten minutes. If you do one every day taking the two days a week to catch up, you will cover the whole Bible in two years.

As it was originally emailed to subscribers, the pdfs contain the email for each day. Until I work through it all again and edit it, you will notice typos and the occasional error, but not in a way that will detract from the program. 

[If you would rather access it through the website it was originally published on, click here.]

The order is as follows:

1. Proverbs 1-9, Genesis
2. Luke
3. Exodus-Leviticus
4. Acts
5. Numbers-Deuteronomy
6. Romans
7. Job, Song of Songs
8. John
9. Joshua-1 Samuel
10. 1-2 Corinthians
11. 2 Samuel-2 Kings
12. Galatians-Colossians
13. Hosea-Zephaniah
14. Matthew
15. Isaiah
16. 1 Thessalonians-Philemon
17. Jeremiah-Lamentations, Ecclesiastes
18. Hebrews-James
19. Ezekiel-Daniel
20. Mark
21. 1-2 Chronicles
22. 1 Peter-Jude
23. Esther, Ezra-Nehemiah, Malachi
24. Revelation