Coram Deo: Life in God's presence

There is one Latin term that is worth knowing: "Coram Deo." It refers to something being "before the face" of God. And this is how all life is to be lived.

From the beginning believers were described as those who "walked before the LORD." (Gen 17v1, 1 Kings 2v4). This became even more intimate with Christ's promise that both Father and Son would be with and in us, by the Holy Spirit (Jn 14v23). And it meant that the apostle Paul saw his whole ministry as one with the Lord Jesus beside him (2 Tim 4v17). 

What this means is that fundamental to any development of conviction, character and competence as Christians, is our deepening our communion with the Lord. If there is a key to the Christian life, this is surely it. We are to live with a healthy "fear of God" - overawed by a conscious awareness of his presence, seeking to please him in all things, and learning to turn our hearts and minds to him in praise for all that's good, and in prayer whenever in need.