What about divorce and remarriage?

Christians differ on how they understand the Bible’s teaching here. Some think it only ever allows remarriage after one’s previous spouse has died. Others think it does so in certain exceptional circumstances, such as when the previous marriage broke down through adultery or desertion etc. What all agree on is that marriage is intended to be for life, forgiveness and reconciliation should always be sought, even in the most extreme cases, and divorce should only ever be the last option.

Though our society is fairly flippant in its view of marriage, we should realize the wisdom in the Bible’s view. The long term damage of divorce on children is well documented. From their perspective, the continuation of the marriage is almost always preferable. And it is preferable for the parents too. Refusing to see divorce as an option is sometimes all that keeps a marriage together, and by doing so enables it to mature through the rough times into the depth of relationship and intimacy intended for it.

However, if you are divorced, no matter what the reason, please don't assume Christ is not for you. With him there is a forgiveness and a new start whatever our past.

(Matthew 19:1-12 with Mark 10:1-12, Corinthians 7