What about homosexuality?

Christians believe what they do about how to live because they have first come to believe that Jesus is God’s Son and so believe the book he sanctioned. The bible teaches that all sexual activity should take place within heterosexual marriage. Homosexuality should not therefore be particularly singled out, but is an example of one of the many ways in which we rebel against God’s ways. The fact that someone engages in homosexual sex should no more stop the Christian from loving and caring for them than it should stop them from loving or caring for any human being - we all do wrong.

It is because of this love and care that Christians seek to bring people to know God and live his way, recognising that God doesn’t tell us how to live without reason. The physical and emotional damage homosexual sex inflicts is rarely heard in the media because the issue is so sensitive. Through trusting Jesus we come to trust that God’s ways are best for us even if our culture keeps us from seeing how. And this does not necessarily mean lifelong celibacy for the homosexual. Specialists acknowledge both that the causes of homosexuality are uncertain and that sexual orientation is somewhat fluid. Some who have turned their backs on a gay lifestyle out of trust in Christ have found their orientation become increasingly heterosexual and gone on to enjoy happy marriages.

(1 Corinthians 6:9-11)