Exhortation before Communion

In a moment we come to share in the Lord’s Supper. In representing Christ’s body and blood, the bread and wine proclaim his death to us, until he comes again. In doing so, they hold Christ out to us, promising all the blessings of the new covenant as we renew our faith.
So who is it for? It is for all baptised Christians, who hold to the essentials of the faith, calling on Christ for forgiveness and salvation, and submitting to him as Lord and God.
If you have not yet responded in this way, or there is another reason why you don’t want to receive, that’s absolutely fine. Just do not come up or take the bread and win.
[The sentiments here might be said every few months:    
What happens as we receive the Lord’s Supper? As Christians we are united to Christ by the Holy Spirit. So if we come with faith and repentance, as we receive the bread and wine here on earth, we truly partake of Christ’s body and blood in heaven.
This means that Jesus is uniquely present at the table by his Spirit. Here we enjoy communion with him in particularly special way. We feast together as a foretaste of the fellowship we will have with him when he comes. Through faith we feed on him in our hearts. So we are cleansed from sin, spiritually nourished, strengthened and sustained, and drawn closer to one-another as Christ’s body. Indeed, we are warned that those who receive unworthily, without love of Christ or one-another, sin against Christ’s body and blood, eating and drinking God’s judgement on themselves.
So as we receive these pledges of God’s covenant love to us, let’s hunger and thirst for Christ, remembering his death to our endless comfort, rejoicing in him with sincere thanks, and resolving to serve him together, in holiness and righteousness all the days of our lives.]
To ensure we come in the right manner, scripture urges us first to examine ourselves. We do that now by reaffirming our faith together and then repenting of our sins.
[Shorter: The Apostle Paul reminds us: ‘Whoever eats the bread and drinks the cup of the Lord in an unworthy manner will be guilty of sinning against the body and blood of the Lord.’ So we come to examine ourselves now by reaffirming our faith together and then repenting of our sins.]

Follow by creed, acclamation of Christ from Revelation and then confession either formally or in the prayer of thanksgiving.