Weddings and funerals

Wedding service
This must include certain declarations and vows that are necessary to make the wedding legal. You will only be able to lead people through these if licensed to take weddings. Otherwise, a licensed minister or registrar will be needed to cover them, with you leading the rest of the service.

The Anglican “Common Worship” book gives sample wedding services that can be adapted so far as the authorized declarations and vows remain.

Funeral service
Anyone can take a funeral as long as they are requested by the family. If it takes place in another church it will need the permission of the church’s minister and may need to be according the denomination’s authorized services. However, you will be able to add your own words so long as they don’t contract the theology of the denomination. In a crematorium the wording can be your own.

The Anglican “Common Worship” book gives sample funeral services that can be adapted.