What about sex before marriage?

As with the previous question, we must recognise that Christians believe what they do about how to live because they have first come to believe that Jesus is God’s Son and so believe the book he sanctioned to be from God. The Bible teaches that all sexual activity should take place within heterosexual marriage.

The wisdom of this is not hard to see. Of course there will always be exceptions, but most now recognise that the lifelong commitment of marriage is the one that gives children the greatest security and the best context for growing up. The impact of having only one parent is well documented, and cohabiting couples are statistically far more likely to split. Yet God’s protection is for you as well as any children you have. If you have had past sexual relationships you are probably already aware of the extra pain caused when these relationships fail, or the insecurity felt about a partner’s previous relationships. By contrast, those who keep themselves for marriage are saved from both, and can enjoy, explore and learn sexually together.

But the biggest reason that sex is to be kept for marriage is because of what it was made for. It was made to unite the difference of one man and one women for life as a team, for the purpose of having children, doing good in the world, and being a picture of Christ's own relationship with the church.

Having said all this, Christianity is about forgiveness and a new start. Those who become Christians having been in sexual relationships testify from experience that God’s way is best. They also speak of how thankful they’ve been to know his forgiveness, start again in this area, and receive his help to live his way.

(1 Corinthians 6:9-11, Ephesians 5:3)